Don’t be Afraid to Start With Brush Lettering!

practicing brush lettering
Practicing Brush Lettering

As a kid I was always fascinated by calligraphy. But being left handed I was never able to cope with the ink and the nips that only seems to scratch over the paper and leave blobs on it and my hands. I gave up and thought I will never be able to write beautifully. The last year proved me wrong. With the new trend of hand lettering – and especially brush lettering – there was suddenly a whole new world open for anyone! I bought my first brush letters, a set of Tombows, and downloaded a few practice sheets. And there it was, right in front of me: graceful letters, written by me!

So I went on, downloaded practice sheet, watched Youtube videos and simply wrote and wrote. One of the best free video courses you can find on the website of Strathmore, the paper supplier:

How to start?

For a start you just need one brush pen. The Tombow Dual Brush Pens are really good for beginners as you can control them easily. If you like to write smaller then theTombow Fudenosuke with a soft tip and the Pentel Sign are great pens. Normal printing paper is perfect for the beginning, too. Or you can order my „Brush Lettering Practice Sheet Journal“ so you have all your practice sheet in one book and not lying around.

I hope you will find your love for brush lettering!


Julia Stueber is a best selling author of coloring, journaling and brush lettering books as well as books about nutritional topics. Besides being a „social media fairy“ for an international mail order company she writes blogs, plays the harp and is a mixed media artist.
She has created 20 books in the „Colors of Abundance“ series and is one of the few people on Earth who translates coloring book into German. 😉
Her latest books „Learn Brush Lettering“ is available at Amazon.

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