So many brush pens!

big brush pens

When you want to start with brush lettering you will first need a brush pen. Of course you can start with a brush and watercolor, but especially for beginners brush pens are much easier to handle because of a very simple reason: you can concentrate on writing and don’t need to get more paint onto your brush after every one or two letters!
small brush pens, brush lettering
Luckily nowadays it is no problem to get a good brush pen – quite the opposite, you have to find the right one for you in a wide range of colors and styles. That’s why I tested 10 brush pens for you, 5 bigger ones and 5 smaller ones.

Except for the Kuretake which I can’t handle at all (maybe because I am left-handed and write „against“ the stroke) all brush pens do their job. My favourite ones have been both Tombows and the Pentel as I have the most control over them while writing.

But see for yourself:


Julia Stueber is a best selling author of coloring, journaling and brush lettering books as well as books about nutritional topics. Besides being a „social media fairy“ for an international mail order company she writes blogs, plays the harp and is a mixed media artist.
She has created 20 books in the „Colors of Abundance“ series and is one of the few people on Earth who translates coloring book into German. 😉
Her latest books „Learn Brush Lettering“ is available at Amazon.

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